God honors those who honor Qur’an

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In his speech to Muslims while greeting Ramadan month, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:

The one who recites a verse from the Holy Quran in this month, will take the recompenses as if the one who had recited all the Quran in other months.”

Ramadan month is God’s month, and it is the most honorable and greater month; in this month, the heaven’s gates will be opened, and the hell’s gates will be closed.

Besides, in this month, the Holy Quran was descended, God specialized it with fasting, there is no honor more than this, and it was mentioned that the Islamic Holy Books such as the Scrolls of Abraham (A.S.), the Torah and the Psalms of Dawood (A.S.) and the Gospel and the Holy Quran were descended in this month.

And it was mentioned in Al-Kaffi that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:

“Scrolls of Abraham were revealed on the first night of Ramadan month, and Torah was revealed on the sixth night of Ramadan month, and the Torah was descended on the sixth night of Ramadan month, the Gospel was revealed on the thirteenth of Ramadan month; the Psalms were revealed on the eighteenth of Ramadan month, and the Holy Quran was revealed on the twenty-third of the month of Ramadan.”

In Ramadan month, reciting the Holy Quran and reflecting on its verses have great position and feature, because of this one of the important things and obligations that we should do in the night of Ramadan month is to recite the holy Quran, in order for us not to be claimed with the complaints which Prophet Mohammad will reveal in the day of resurrection; besides, Prophet Mohammad antagonizes all the people in public, and in this case all the people are silent, ﴾On that day we will set a seal upon their months﴿, and the sounds are submissive, and the sights are gazing; in these horrible moments, each one is waiting his turn to be called to account, then Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)  will complaint to God about those people who don’t recite the Holy Quran, as was mentioned in the Holy Quran when prophet Mohammad said: ﴾O my Lord! Surely my people have treated this Quran as a forsaken thing﴿.

Then God addresses the deserted Holy Quran by saying:

“I swear with my glory and loftiness, and position, that in the day of resurrection I will confer honor upon those who honored you, and I will insult the ones who insulted you.”

Furthermore, in the day of resurrection, this complain will be upon us also, and we should take care of the Quran and recite it, because if we didn’t do as such, Prophet Mohammad will be our antagonist.

And in order for us to quite the desertion of the Holy Quran, we should do an important thing which is reciting it daily, and by this the severity of our hearts will be eliminated. And Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) expressed this by saying:

“These hearts corrodes as the iron corrodes; then he was asked: O Prophet, what polishes it? He answered: Reciting the Holy Quran.”

The Favor of Reciting the Holy Quran in the Stories

Good and Light:

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)  said: “Let you houses be lightened through reciting the Quran… in which as the recitation of the Holy Quran increases in the house, as the good increases in side it“.

Combating the Devil:

Prophet Mohammad said: “Nothing is stranger with respect to the Devil other than reciting the Holy Quran“.

The People’s Option:

it was related to the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) : “The best ones are those who learned the Holy Quran and taught it for others“.

A Gate for Blessing and a Place for the Angels:

Imam Ali (A.S.) said: “The blessings will be augmented in the house whose owners recite the Holy Quran, and the angels presents in it, while the devils desert from it, and let the people be happy and lighten for the people of the heaven as the stars lighten the people of all the earth“.


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