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.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله - لَمّا سَألَهُ عَبدُاللَّهُ بنُ مَسعودٍ عَنِ الأئِمَّةِ فی صُلبِ الحُسَینِ علیه السلام - : ... وَیَخرُجُ مِن صُلبِ عَلیٍّ (الرِّضا) ابنُهُ مُحَمَّدٌ المَحمودُ أطهَرُ النّاسِ خَلقاً وَأحسَنُهُم خُلقاً1 .

470. The Prophet (SAWA), in reply to Abdullah b. Masud regarding the Imams from Husayn (AS)'s progeny, said, '... And from the loins of Ali [al-Rida], his son Muhammad, the praised and the purest of people in form, and the best of them in character.' 2

471.عبدُ اللَّهِ بنِ جعفرٍ : دَخَلتُ على‏ الرِّضا علیه السلام أنا وصَفوانُ بنُ یحیى‏ ، وأبو جعفرٍ علیه السلام قائمٌ قد أتى‏ لهُ ثلاثُ سِنینَ ، فقُلْنا لَه : جَعَلَنا اللَّهُ فِداكَ ، إنْ - وأعَوذُ باللَّهِ - حَدَثَ حدَثٌ فَمن یَكونُ بَعدَكَ؟ قالَ : ابْنِی هذا، وأومَأَ إلیهِ . قالَ : فقُلْنا لَه: وهُو فی هذاالسِّنِّ ؟! قالَ : نَعَمْ ، وهُو فی هذا السِّنِّ ، إنَّ اللَّهَ تبارَكَ وتعالى‏ احْتَجَّ بعیسى‏ علیه السلام وهُو ابنُ سنَتَینِ .3

471. Abdullah b. Jafar narrated, 'Safwan b. Yahya and I visited al-Rida (AS), and Abu Jafar [Imam al-Jawad], who was three years old, was standing there. We asked him [i.e. al-Rida], 'May Allah sacrifice us for you. If - God forbid- something happened to you, who will be [the Imam] after you?' He said, 'This son of mine', pointing towards him. We asked, 'While he is still this young?' He replied, 'of course while he is still this young. Verily Allah, Blessed and most High, made Jesus His divine proof [on earth] when he was just two years old.' 4

كشف الغمّة عن القاسِمِ بنِ عَبدِالرَّحمنِ - وَكانَ زِیدیّاً - : خَرَجتُ إلى بَغدادَ فَبَینا أنا بِها إذ رَأیتُ النّاسَ یَتَعادونَ وَیَتَشَرَّفونَ وَیَقِفونَ ؛ فَقُلتُ : ما هذا ؟ فَقالوا : ابنُ الرِّضا ، فَقُلتُ : وَاللَّهِ لأنظُرَنَّ إلَیهِ فَطَلَعَ عَلى بَغلٍ أو بَغلَةٍ فَقُلتُ : لَعَنَ اللَّهُ أصحابُ الإمامَةِ حَیثُ یَقولونَ إنَّ اللَّهَ افتَرَضَ طاعةَ هذا ، فَعَدَلَ إلیَّ وَقالَ : یا قاسمَ بنَ عبدِالرَّحمنِ : «أبَشَراً مِنّا واحِداً نَتَّبِعُهُ إنّا إذاً لَفی ضَلالٍ وَسُعُرٍ»۷ فَقُلتُ فی نَفسی ساحِرٌ واللَّهِ! فَعَدَلَ إلَىَّ فَقالَ : «ءاُلقِیَ الذِّكرُ عَلَیهِ مِن بَینِنا بَل هُوَ كَذّابٌ أشِرٌ»۸ قالَ : فانصَرَفتُ وَقُلتُ بِالإمامَةِ ؛ وَشَهِدتُ أنَّهُ حُجَّةُ اللَّهِ عَلى خَلقِهِ وَاعتَقَدتُهُ .۹

۴۷۵. al-Qasim b. Abd al-Rahman, who was then a Zaydi, narrated, 'I went to Baghdad. While I was there, I saw the people congratulating each other all of a sudden, exchanging honourable greetings and standing up. I asked, 'What is this?' They replied, 'The son of al-Rida [has come].' Then I said, 'Indeed I must see him'. Then he appeared on a male or female donkey. I said, 'May the curse of Allah be upon the supporters of Imama who believe that Allah has made obedience to this [type of person] mandatory.' At that very moment, he turned to me and said, 'O Qasim b. Abd al-Rahman, "Are we to follow a lone human from ourselves?! Indeed then we would be in error and madness". [He continued]: 'So I said to myself, 'A sorcerer, by Allah!', and he turned to me again, and said, "Has the Reminder been cast upon him from among us? Rather he is a self-conceited liar". [He continued]: 'So I left, believing in Imama and bore witness that verily he is the proof of Allah on His creation and had faith in him.' ۱


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