Ignorance at the apex of science and technology

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When we talk about the age of ignorance it usually reminds us of previous centuries particularly the period before Islam. But did only the people of those ages live in ignorance and the time of ignorance has expired once and for all?
To answer this question first we should find a reliable source which is definitely the Quran and the traditions of the infallibles and second we should define the word ignorant.
Ignorant is the opposite of rational. Man's behaviors are either based on reason or not. The behaviors which are based on the faculty of reason are called rational and the ones which are not based on reason and the intellect are described as ignorant. Therefor as long as man lives and he does not follow his intellect, ignorant behaviors will be unavoidable. Ignorance has different applications. Sometimes it means lack of knowledge, sometimes it means living in a primitive way, and sometimes it means the state in which crime, violence, prejudice and wrong customs spread in the society. Naming the a period before Islam as the time of ignorance is because ignorant behaviors were commonplace and widespread among people  like an illness which afflicts an organism and there was no hope for a way out till Islam emerged and eradicated wrong customs.

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Al-Imam al-Mahdi: The Just Leader of Humanity

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Author(s): Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini
Translator(s): Dr. Sachedina

This book Contains these titles:
BOOK ID؛ point؛ Introduction؛ Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Belief in the Mahdi؛ Chapter 2: The Pseudo-Mahdis؛ Chapter 3: Mahdiism, the Jews, and the Iranians؛ Chapter 4: The Unseen World and the Imam of the Age؛ Chapter 5: Who Was the Imam after Hasan Al-'Askari?؛ Chapter 6: Can a Five Year Old Boy Become an Imam?؛ Chapter 7: Why Did Not the Occultation Become Complete  Chapter 8: The Sunni Books
؛ ....

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Lessons from the NAHJUL-BALAGHAH

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