The Beginning Of The Inevitable

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The atrocities of the Saudi regime has earned it much notoriety in the last hundred years. Since their rise to power in the early 1920’s, the ruling family has shown no hesitation in torturing and killing any citizen who has dared to question their legitimacy – or lack thereof – as rulers of Saudi Arabia, a country formerly known as (and will be referred to henceforth as) the Hejaz. The most recent example of this ruthless, criminal dynasty’s brutality was two days into 2016, when it beheaded 46 people charged with terrorism and having links with Al-Qaeda. Among the 46 people executed was prominent Muslim cleric and dissident, Shaykh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr. Since January 2nd, when his execution was announced, the Saudi autocracy’s reputation has deteriorated further, and there have been renewed calls around the world for its downfall.

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