Who are the Muslims

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Muslims are the followers of the religion of Islam, i.e. those who submit to the will of Allah as explained in the Qur’an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S), the Messenger of Islam. The Muslim population today is about 1.2 billion and is spread over a vast range of races, nationalities, and cultures.

Approximately 18% of the Muslims live in the Arab world, but the majority live in Asia and Africa. The country that has the largest Muslim population is Indonesia, and significant Muslim minorities exist in Russia, China, and Europe as well as North and South America. The Muslim population of the United States is estimated to be around 6 million.

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Why does Holy Quran persuade Muslims to kill infidels?

Our religion does not allow killing any innocent person regardless of his or her religion. The life of all human beings is sacrosanct according to the teachings of the Qur’an and the guidance of our blessed Prophet Muhammad -peace -be upon him and upon all the Prophets and Messengers of Allah.
The Qur’an says about the prohibition of murder:

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reading quran

The Qur’an says:

“O thou wrapped up in thy raiment! Keep vigil the night long, save a little — half of it, or a little less, or a little more, and recite the Qur’an in slow, measured tones. Soon shall we send down to thee a weighty Message. Truly, the vigil of the night is when impression is more keen and speech more certain.” (73:1-6)

“And most certainly you are made to receive the Qur’an from the presence of One Who is the Wise and the Knowing.” (27:6)

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As a people awaiting the Imam Mahdi (the Savior), we should establish and build our lives directed upon the same path of our Imam (May hundreds of greetings and praise be upon him and may God hasten his return), today. Of course, we are too trivial to construct the same establishment that the divine friends of God made or will make, but we should work hard towards that path.

The Imam of our time, the Savior (May God hasten his return) is the manifestation of divine justice. We know that the most significant characteristic of Imam Mahdi (God’s greetings and peace be upon him), which has been described in supplications and narrations is justice. “Through him, God will fill the earth with justice and fairness.”

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Disabled veteran in the war against ISIS in Syria met with Ayatollah Khamenei

Disabled veteran in the war against ISIS in Syria met with Ayatollah Khamenei

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Moderate Terrorists

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War in Yemen

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Islamic Republic of Iran

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imam khomeini

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Palm tree photos

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more photo

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Lady Fatimah was the only daughter of the Holy Prophet and Lady Khadijah. The circumstances of her birth are described by Lady Khadijah as follows: At the time of the birth of Lady Fatimah, I sent for my neighboring Qurayshite women to assist me. They flatly refused, saying that I had betrayed them by supporting Muhammad. I was perturbed for a while, when, to my great surprise, I sighted four strange tall women with halos around them, approaching me.  Finding me dismayed, one of them addressed methus, "O Khadijah! I am Sarah, the mother of Ishaq, and the other three are, Mary the mother of Christ, Asiyah the daughter of Muzahim, and Umm Kulthum, the sister of Moses. We have all been commanded by God to put our nursing knowledge at your disposal."[1] Lady Fatimah inherited the genius and wisdom, the determination and will-power, the piety and sanctity, the generosity and benevolence, the devotion and worship of Allah, the self-sacrifice and hospitality, the forbearance and patience, and the knowledge and nobility of disposition of her illustrious father, both in words and deeds. "I often witnessed my mother," says Imam Husayn, "absorbed in prayer from dusk to dawn."[2] Her generosity and compassion for the poor was such that no destitute or beggar ever returned from her door unattended...

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المناقب لابن شهر آشوب عن صَفوانِ الجَمّالِ : سَألتُ أبا عَبدِاللَّهِ علیه السلام عَن صاحِبِ هذا الأمرِ ، فَقالَ : صاحبُ هذا الأمرِ لا یَلْهو ولا یَلْعبُ . فأقْبَلَ موسى‏ بنُ جعفرٍ وهُو صغیرٌ ومَعهُ عَناقٌ مكّیّة وهُو یقولُ لها : اسجُدی لربِّكِ ، فأخَذَهُ أبو عبدِاللَّهِ فضَمَّهُ إلَیهِ وقالَ : بأبی واُمّی ، لا یَلْهو ولا یَلْعبُ .1

461. Imam al-Sadiq (AS) in reply to Safwan al-Jammal asking about one who holds this position [of Imama], said, 'One who holds this position does not play and nor is he distracted.' Musa b. Jafar, who was then a child entered accompanied by a Makkan she-goat, to whom he was saying, 'Prostrate to your Lord!'. So Abu Abdillah took him and hugged him and said, 'May my parents be your ransom, he never plays and nor is he distracted.' 2

.الثَوبانی : كانَت لأبی الحَسَنِ موسَى بنِ‏جَعفَرٍ علیهما السلام بِضعَ عَشَرةَ سِنَةٍ كُلَّ یَومٍ سَجدَةٌ بَعدَ ابیضاضِ الشَّمسِ إلى وَقتِ الزَّوالِ قالَ : فَكانَ هارونُ رُبَّما صَعَدَ سَطحاً یُشرِفُ مِنهُ عَلى الحَبسِ الَّذی حَبَسَ فیهِ أبا الحَسَنِ علیه السلام فَكانَ یَرى أبا الحَسَنِ علیه السلام ساجِداً فَقالَ للرَّبیعِ : ما ذاكَ الثَّوبُ الَّذی أراهُ كُلَّ یَومٍ فی ذلك المَوضِعِ؟ قالَ : یا أمیرَالمُؤمِنینَ ما ذاك بِثَوبٍ وإنّما هُوَ موسَى بنُ جَعفَرٍ علیهما السلام لَهُ كُلُّ یَومٍ سَجدَةٌ بَعدَ طُلوعِ الشَّمسِ إلى وَقتِ الزَّوالِ ، قالَ الرَّبیعُ : فَقالَ لی هارونُ : أما إنَّ هذا من رُهبانِ بَنی هاشِمٍ ، قُلتُ : فَما لَكَ فَقَد ضَیَّقتَ عَلیهِ فی الحَبسِ ؟! قالَ : هَیهاتَ لابُدَّ مِن ذلك .۱

۴۶۲. Thawbani narrated, 'Abu al-Hasan Musa b. Jafar, for about ten years, performed a single prostration from sunrise until noon. [He continued], 'Harun would sometimes climb onto a roof that overlooked the prison cell wherein he had imprisoned Abu al-Hasan. He would see Abu al-Hasan (AS) in prostration. He asked al-Rabi, 'What is that cloth I see on that spot everyday?' He said, 'O commander of the faithful! That is not a cloth but Musa b. Jafar (AS). He performs a prostration every day from sunrise until noon.' Harun said, 'He is indeed one of the holy men from the Bani Hashim.' I asked, 'Then why have you confined him to captivity?' He said, 'Alas! That is how it must be.'۲

.الإرشاد : رُویَ أنَّهُ (الكاظم علیه السلام) كانَ یَدعو كَثیراً فَیَقولُ : اللَّهمَّ إنّی أسألُكَ الرّاحَةَ عِندَ المَوتِ وَالعَفوَ عِندَ الحِسابِ . وَیُكَرِّرُ ذلك . وَكانَ مِن دُعائِهِ علیه السلام : عَظُمَ الذَّنبُ مِن عَبدِكَ فَلیَحسُنِ العَفوُ مِن عِندِكَ . وَكانَ یَبكی مِن خَشیَةِ اللَّهِ حَتَّى تَخضَلُّ لِحیَتُهُ بِالدُّموعِ . وَكانَ أوصَلُ النّاسِ لأهلِهِ ورَحِمِهِ وَكانَ یَفتَقِدُ فُقَراءَ المَدینَةِ فی اللَّیلِ فَیَحمِلُ إلیهِم (الزَّنبیلَ) فیهِ العَینُ وَالوَرَقُ وَالأدِقَّةُ وَالتُّمورِ فَیوصِلُ إلَیهِم ذلك وَلا یَعلَمونَ مِن أیِّ جَهَةٍ هُوَ .۱

۴۶۴. It is narrated in al-Irshad: 'It is reported that al-Kazim used to supplicate a lot and say, 'O Allah! Indeed I ask You for ease at the time of death and pardon at the time of the account', and he used to repeat this several times. And among his supplications were, 'The sin of Your slave is great, so graceful will be the pardon from You.' He used to weep out of fear of Allah until his beard was soaked with tears. He used to be most diligent with maintaining relations with his family and his kin. He used to visit the poor of Madina at night, for whom he would take a basket of gold, silver, flour and dates. He would deliver all this to them whilst they did not even know where he came from.' 


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Photos of Space-3

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ادامه مطلب

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Photos of Space-2

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more photo

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Photos of Space-1

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more photo

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