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The Islamic Concept of Hijab

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The Islamic Concept of Hijab

What is the meaning of the hijab? What is meant by hijab?
Surely, the concept of hijab adopted by Islam differs completely from the hijab which was introduced by the civilizations of Jahiliyah including the miserable social phenomena which were existed in the palaces of some Ummayad and Abbasid rulers concerning the exploitation of women in order to achieve their own enjoyment.
Even the term hijab did not enter the ideological life of Muslims except recently. Whatever has been said about woman, the fact remains that Islam's aspiration for protecting her through shaping a special dress for her shows Islam's honuor and respect for her and her dignity, cleanliness and purity.

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What is Islam

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“Islam” means “submitting or surrendering one’s will to the will of Allah”.2 Mankind naturally submits to Allah; this instinct was born with him on the day of his creation. In reality, the entire universe – the stars, the planets, and the oceans – submits to the will of Allah through its ordered workings.

Modern science calls this phenomenon “the laws of nature,” but these laws of nature, from an Islamic perspective, are not just any laws of nature but the laws of Allah for nature. Human beings, as creatures of Allah who are in need of Him throughout their entire lives, must also surrender their wills and desires to the will of the Almighty, the Creator.

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Immense oppression that prevails throughout the world, the unjust domination, the hounding of nations around the globe; excessive bloodshed, the disregard of the most noble and the most beloved of human values, this is the treachery that the global supercilious front presents to mankind day after day. Immense immorality, exploitation and oppression naturally strikes at one - who does not have a spring of hope to cling onto - with hopelessness. This is how younger generations in western countries are driven to nihilism. The new generation which has not adapted to nor abides by the traditions, when they see the turbulence of the mankind’s living environment, they lose hope; thus they are driven into nihilism.

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May our souls be deveoted to him

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imam mahdi

One can not begin from zero. It is the society with preparation and capability،which could accept the promised Mahdi.
( May our souls be devoted to him)
imam khamenei

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Islamic Republic of Iran

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imam khomeini

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O Leader, Please Don\'t Talk About Leaving

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Palm tree photos

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more photo

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English Documentary on Imam Khomeini

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