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Who is a bigger criminal? ISIS or Israel

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The Revolution without Borders

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The Islamic Revolution that occurred in 1979 in Iran can be seen as a point in contemporary history that rocked the foundations of global arrogance and imperialism. Every year, on the 22nd day of the Iranian month of Bahman, free-thinking people of the world and conscientious enemies of Western and Zionist imperialism celebrate the day an autocratic government with the fifth largest army in the world and a servile puppet of the United States of America and its Zionist stooge was officially overthrown by the people of Iran.  It is also the day we commemorate the sacrifices made by the great people of Iran in order to achieve freedom and tear themselves away from 2500 years of monarchy. The celebration of 22nd Bahman reveals something that many in the secular world cannot fathom. First, the sheer popularity of this holy movement that overthrew a despotic American puppet extends beyond the boundaries of Iran. It has been argued by many that the Islamic Revolution was merely a nationalist revolution. This is far from true. The revolution influenced freedom movements all over the world and continues to do so today. The revolution was not just a nationalist Iranian revolution but a global revolution based on the principle of independence and self-sufficiency; a revolution that continues spreading, even after 37 years...

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imam khomeini:

  • I regard supporting the plan for independence of Israel and its recognition a tragedy for the Muslims and an explosion for the Islamic governments.
  • The usurper state of Israel with the aims it has pose great danger to Islam and the Islamic states.
  • Brothers and sisters must know that America and Israel are enemies to the fundamentals of Islam.
  • The foolish idea of greater Israel makes them commit any crime.
  • Let brotherly Arab nations and the Palestinian and Lebanese brothers know that all their miseries are caused by America and Israel.
  • Regarding Israel, certainly we shall not help an illegitimate, usurper government which is trespassing the rights of the Muslims and is an enemy of Islam.
  • Islam and the Muslims and all international standards regard Israel as a usurper and aggressor and we do not approve the least negligence in terminating its aggressions.
  • I have often said and you have heard me say that Israel will not settle for these agreements for it regards the Arab domination over territories from the Nile to the Euphrates as usurpation.
  • Israel must be eradicated from the page of history.
  • It is incumbent on every Muslim to arm himself against Israel.
  • Those who support Israel must realize they are nurturing a pit viper up their sleeves.
  • Do not support Israel, this enemy of Islam and Arabs for this listless viper will have no mercy on you, young or old if it gets within your reach.
  • It is necessary that all freedom-loving peoples of the world unite with the Muslims and together condemn the inhuman aggressions of Israel.
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    ...If you lived in Palestine

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