imam hussein (a.s)

Imam Hussein (A.S) started a battle that is still going on and it could lead to the abolishment of injustice and oppression all over the world, if God wills. His movement consisted of selflessness and sacrifice. The path of martyrdom, which means to sacrifice one’s life for the greater ideals, does not require any especial tools or skills. Imam Hussein opened this path for all the people in all times; and anyone who is a devotee of Imam Hussein can traverse this path. This is the secret of our strength and the enemy’s weakness; they need tools and skilled men to fight against us, but all we need is our faith.

The enemies consider the worldly life very valuable and would do anything just to have a better and a more comfortable life in this world. They are even willing to let go of their humanity and to fall to the level of subhuman for this purpose, while this world is just the appearance and the truth cannot be found here. But only one understands this who is enlightened enough to see where the truth lies. The enemy is blind to this fact. That is why the men of God fight with more zeal and passion.

Imam Hussein (A.S) sacrificed his life and his family’s in order to show the people the real meaning of life and death. He proved that he had faith in the Hereafter, and that there was a better life after martyrdom; a life without the misdeeds of the oppressors, where a true servant will meet his God.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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