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The Zionist plotted Massacre

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In December 2015, Nigeria became the site of one of the most horrific massacres in recent history, a massacre that went largely unnoticed by the international community. It took place in the city of Zaria, when the Nigerian army began firing live bullets at its unarmed inhabitants, who were participating in a peaceful demonstration. The carnage left more than 1000 people dead and many injured, including Nigerian women and children. It is hard to determine whether the massacre itself was more atrocious, or the glaring silence of the mainstream media. The main target of this brutal, three day long, army operation, was the nonviolent Islamic Movement of Nigeria. The operation resulted in the destruction of houses, a mosque, and arrest of the movement’s hugely popular and charismatic leader, Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The Nigerian Army stormed his house, shot him four times, and dragged him out of the house. His wife was also wounded and arrested. Both the leader and his wife were unarmed...

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Awakening is not suppressible

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Islamic Movement in Nigeria: Wahhabism Targets Us

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