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بحار الأنوار عن همّام بن نافع ، قال : قال أبو جعفر علیه السلام لأصحابه یوماً : إذا افتَقَدتُمُونی فَاقتَدُوا بِهذا ، فَهُوَ الإمامُ وَالخَلِیفَةُ بَعدی ، وَأشارَ إلى‏ أبی عَبد اللَّهِ علیه السلام .1

455. Bihar al-Anwar, 'Hammam b. Nafi narrated: 'One day Imam al-Baqir (AS) said to his companions: 'When you lose me, follow this man. He is the leader and my successor.' He (AS) then pointed to Abi Abdillah [al-Sadiq] (AS).' 2

456.محمّدَ بنِ مسلمٍ : كنتُ عندَ أبی جعفرٍ محمّدِ بنِ علیٍّ الباقرِ علیهما السلام إذْ دخَلَ جعفرٌ ابنُهُ ، وعلى‏ رأسِهِ ذُؤابةٌ ، وفی یَدهِ عَصاً یَلْعبُ بِها ، فأخَذَهُ الباقرُ علیه السلام وضمَّهُ إلیهِ ضَمّاً ، ثُمّ قالَ : بأبی أنتَ واُمّی ، لا تَلْهو ولا تَلْعبُ . ثُمّ قالَ لی : یا محمّد ، هذا إمامُكَ بَعدی ، فاقْتَدِ بهِ ، واقْتبِسْ مِن عِلمِهِ ، واللَّهِ إنّهُ لَهُوَ الصّادقُ الّذی وَصَفهُ لنا رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله . إنّ شِیعتَهُ مَنصورونَ فی‏الدُّنیا والآخِرَةِ .3

456. Muhammad b. Muslim narrated, 'I was in the presence of Abu Jafar Muhammad b. Ali al-Baqir when his son Jafar entered. He had a forelock on his head and had a stick in his hand which he was playing with. Al-Baqir (AS) took him in his arms and hugged him tightly, then said, 'May my parents be your ransom, you are neither distracted, nor do you play.' He then addressed me and said, 'O Muhammad! This is your Imam after me, so follow him and benefit from his knowledge. By Allah, verily he is the truthful one [al-Sadiq] whom the Prophet (SAWA) described to us. Certainly his followers will be victorious in this world and in the Hereafter.' 4

.محمّدَ بن زیادٍ الأزْدیّ : سَمِعتُ مالكَ بنَ أنسٍ فقیهَ المدینةِ یقولُ : كنتُ‏أدخُلُ إلَى الصّادقُ جعفرِ بنِ محمّدٍ علیهما السلام فیُقدِّمُ لی مِخَدَّةً ، ویَعرِفُ لی قَدْراً ویقولُ : یا مالكُ ، إنّی اُحِبُّكَ. فكنتُ اُسَرُّ بذلكَ وأحمَدُ اللَّهَ علیهِ . قالَ : وكانَ علیه السلام رجُلاً لا یَخْلو مِن إحدى‏ ثلاثِ خِصالٍ : إمّا صائماً ، وإمّا قائماً ، وإمّاً ذاكِراً ، وكانَ مِن عُظَماء العُبّادِ ، وأكابِرِ الزُّهّادِ الّذینَ یَخْشَونَ اللَّهَ عزّ وجلّ ، وكانَ كثیرَ الحدیثِ ، طَیِّبَ المُجالَسةِ ، كثیرَ الفوائدِ .۱

۴۵۷. Muhammad b. Ziyad al-Azdi narrated, 'I heard Malik b. Anas, the jurist of Madina say, 'I used to go to visit Jafar b. Muhammad al-Sadiq (AS), and he would place a cushion for me, respect me and say, 'Malik, indeed I like you.' I would be pleased with this comment and would praise Allah for it.' [Malik continued], 'He was a man always disposed to one of three states: either he was fasting, or praying, or engaged in Allah's remembrance. He was among the greatest worshippers, the greatest of abstemious people who fear Allah. He narrated many prophetic traditions, was sociable and friendly to sit with, and had much [for us] to benefit from.' ۲


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Al-Saud! Damn on you

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