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The life of Imam 'Ali Bin Musa al-Rida

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The life of Imam 'Ali Bin Musa al-Rida?

Author: Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi

Translated by: J?sim al-Rasheed

Subject:Infallibles, Imam Reza, Biography

This Book Contains These Titles:
ID Book� PUBLISHER�S PREFACE� DEDICATION� His Father� His Mother� His Nicknames� The Year of his Birth HIS QUALITIES� His Renunciation the World� His Munificence� His Acts of Worship and Reverential Fear� The Im?m uses Supplication as Weapon� Some of his Supplications� IMPRESSIONS OF HIS CHARACTER� UNDER THE CARE OF HIS FATHER� A. His Scientific Talents� His Helping the Distressed� His Imprisonment in Basrah� H?r?n orders the Im?m to be killed...

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Imam Reza

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                                                                            Miraculous Healing
                                                                            Astan Quds Razavi
                                                                            Golden Dissertation
                                                                            Historical Events
                                                                            Heir Apparency
                                                                            Bomboy to
                                                                            Naqqar Khanah
                                                                            Silsilat Al-Dhahab
                                                                            Photo Gallery
                                                                            Holy Shrine

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The lesson Imam Reza teaches us

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Imam Reza

The lesson Imam Reza teaches us all is that oh, Muslims! Do not get tired of struggling! Do not sleep, as the enemy is always awake and disguises in various forms and costumes, different masks and colorful makeups; be sharp-eyed! Recognize the enemy and learn how to fight the enemy; like Imam Ali Ibn Musa Al-Reza keep struggling from the beginning to the end! The Leader of the Revolution, 11/24/1984

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