The Islamic Concept of Hijab

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The Islamic Concept of Hijab

What is the meaning of the hijab? What is meant by hijab?
Surely, the concept of hijab adopted by Islam differs completely from the hijab which was introduced by the civilizations of Jahiliyah including the miserable social phenomena which were existed in the palaces of some Ummayad and Abbasid rulers concerning the exploitation of women in order to achieve their own enjoyment.
Even the term hijab did not enter the ideological life of Muslims except recently. Whatever has been said about woman, the fact remains that Islam's aspiration for protecting her through shaping a special dress for her shows Islam's honuor and respect for her and her dignity, cleanliness and purity.

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The most virtuous month of the year

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The name Ramadan is derived from the word Ramda' (رمضاء) which means burning. The Prophet (PBUH) said: "This month (i.e. Ramadan) has been named Ramadan because it burns the sins."[1]

Ramadan is so much virtuous that in the Quran among all months only Ramadan has been alluded to and this allusion in the book of God which has been sent to humanity for all times till the Day of Judgment shows the importance of this holy month. In hadiths Ramadan has been described as the month of God and a divine banquet in which the host is God Almighty himself. He receives his guests in this month with mercy and forgiveness. The Prophet (PBUH) said:"whoever fasts during the whole month of Ramadan, it is obligatory upon God to forgive all his sins, guarantee the rest of his life and spare him from the thirst of the day of judgment".[2]

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As a people awaiting the Imam Mahdi (the Savior), we should establish and build our lives directed upon the same path of our Imam (May hundreds of greetings and praise be upon him and may God hasten his return), today. Of course, we are too trivial to construct the same establishment that the divine friends of God made or will make, but we should work hard towards that path.

The Imam of our time, the Savior (May God hasten his return) is the manifestation of divine justice. We know that the most significant characteristic of Imam Mahdi (God’s greetings and peace be upon him), which has been described in supplications and narrations is justice. “Through him, God will fill the earth with justice and fairness.”

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God honors those who honor Qur’an

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In his speech to Muslims while greeting Ramadan month, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:

The one who recites a verse from the Holy Quran in this month, will take the recompenses as if the one who had recited all the Quran in other months.”

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