What is the Fast of the Month of Ramadan

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O Believers! Fast is prescribed for you as it was for those before you so that you may ward off evil. (Fast) a certain number of days… (Holy Qur’an: Chapter 2, Verses 182-183)

Every year in the ninth lunar month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims around the world abstain from food, drink, vain talk and certain other actions from before sunrise until after sunset.

The Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions all enjoin fasting. Moses observed a fast of forty days at Mount Sinai at the time of the revelation of the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 24:18) Although less common now, it is Jewish tradition to fast when mourning or when in danger. Most practicing Jews still fast on the Day of Atonement and for the one-week commemoration of the destruction of Jerusalem in 597 B.C. Jesus of Nazareth, peace be upon him, also fasted on the Day of Atonement and the forty days of Moses’ fast to ward off Satanic temptation.

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What is Islam

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“Islam” means “submitting or surrendering one’s will to the will of Allah”.2 Mankind naturally submits to Allah; this instinct was born with him on the day of his creation. In reality, the entire universe – the stars, the planets, and the oceans – submits to the will of Allah through its ordered workings.

Modern science calls this phenomenon “the laws of nature,” but these laws of nature, from an Islamic perspective, are not just any laws of nature but the laws of Allah for nature. Human beings, as creatures of Allah who are in need of Him throughout their entire lives, must also surrender their wills and desires to the will of the Almighty, the Creator.

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Mafatih al-Jenan

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Mefatih alJanan

This book Contains these titles:
Imam Ali's Supplication for the Morning؛ The Supplication Of Kumayl؛ supplication of Samat؛ supplication of Mashmool؛ supplication of Yastashir؛ supplication of Adliyeh؛ supplication of jawshan - kabir؛ supplication of Jawshan �al � Sagher؛ supplication of Tawassol؛ supplication of Makarem al � akhlaq؛ supplication of Al � Tawbeh؛ Ziarat Masooma-e-Qum , the sister of Imam Riza (Peace be on them(؛ Ziarat Shah Abdul Azeem؛ The Event of the Cloak

فرمت apk برای موبایل و تبلت اندروید (جدید)                                                       فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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This book Contains these titles:

فرمت apk برای موبایل و تبلت اندروید (جدید)                                                                         فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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Why you should sleep on your left side

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left-side sleeping

Note: Though healthy in general, left-side sleeping may not be suitable in some cases, like for those who have had heart troubles in the past.

People the world over love sleep dearly. There is no denying that it is one of life’s sweetest pleasures.

It’s also well known that sleep is important for one’s overall health and well-being. You cannot expect to function normally and perform to the best of your potential without a good night’s sleep.

Yes, you may be able to get by for a while, but you will likely be mentally disoriented and low on energy, until you are able to take it no more.

Lack of sleep also causes a horde of diseases and possibly fatal conditions. It is one of the biggest factors associated with heart disease.

Along with maintaining a proper sleep pattern, you can give your health a boost by sleeping in a certain position.

Research has shown that sleeping on the left side, as your grandmother may have often told you, is not merely an old wives’ tale but has actual health benefits...

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Islamic Speeches Audio Links

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Commentary on Nudbeh Supplication Audio Lectures 1-10

Commentary on Nudbeh Supplication Audio Lectures 11-20

Commentary on Nudbeh Supplication Audio Lectures 21-30

Interpretation of Dua Kumayl


Marefat Nafs

Shaytaan (devil)

Islamic cosmology

Audio Lecture on Livelihood

Laylatol-Qadr Night Lecture

Praying Allah to reach where?: Audio Lecture

Knowing Quran: Audio Lecture

Asrarol-Quran (Mysteries of Quran): Audio Lectures

Spiritualizing Life - Practical: Audio Lectures

Spiritualizing Life - Theory: Audio Lectures

Reality of Fasting: Audio Lectures

Monajaat Shabaanieh commentary: Lecture

Glorifying Allah Practical & Theoretical Tasbih

Commentary of Dua Sahar Lecture 1

Preparing for Ramadhan (Commentary of hadith of fasting)

Special Lectures on Laylatul-Ghadr:Session 1 - 14 

Hadith of Nafs of Imam Ali (a.s) 

Tafseer Ziarat Ahura-Heaviness of Ashura to Jebrail (Audio Lecture) 

Leghaollah (Seeing God):Senses & Perception (Lecture 1) ***NEW***"

Lectures on Reality of Death ***NEW***"

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A Shi'ite Anthology

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A Shi'ite Anthology
Title: A shi'ite anthology ‫
Author(s): Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai ‫
Translator(s): William C. Chittick
Publisher(s): ‫ Qum ‫ : Ansariyan Publications ‫ , 1989 ‫ = 1368.
Appearance: 152 p

فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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۴۴۸.كفایة الأثر عن مالك بن أعین الجهنی ، قال : أوصى عَلِیُّ بنُ الحُسَینِ علیه السلام إبنَهُ مُحَمَّد بنَ عَلِیّ - صلوات اللَّه علیهما - فَقالَ : یا بُنَیَّ إنِّی جَعَلتُكَ خَلیفَتِی مِن بَعدِی ، لا یَدّعی فیما بَینی وَ بَینكَ أحَدٌ إلّا قَلَّدَهُ اللَّه یَومَ القِیامَةِ طَوقاً مِن نارٍ .۱

۴۴۸. It is narrated in Kifayat al-Athar: 'Ali b. al-Husayn said in his will to his son Muhammad b. Ali: 'My son! I have chosen you as my successor after me. No one would claim what lies between you and me, and if so Allah would suspend a yoke of fire on his neck on the Day of Resurrection.' ۲

۴۴۹.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله - لِجابِرِ بنِ عبدِ اللَّهِ الأنصاریّ - : إنَّكَ سَتَدرُكُ رَجُلاً مِنِّی اسمُهُ اسمی وَ شَمائِلُهُ شَمائِلی یَبقَرُ العِلمَ بَقرَاً .۱

۴۴۹. The Prophet (SAWA) said to Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari, 'Soon you will be seeing a man from my household, his name will be my name , his feature will resemble mine, and he will cleave the knowledge deeply.' ۲

۴۵۰.الإمامُ الباقرُ علیه السلام: إنَّ الحَقَّ استَصرَخَنی وَقَد حَواهُ الباطِلِ فی جَوفِهِ ، فَبَقَرتُ عَن خاصِرَتِهِ وَاطَّلَعتُ الحَقَّ عَن حُجُبِهِ حَتَّى ظَهَرَ وَانتَشَرَ ، بَعدَ ما خَفیَ وَاستَتَرَ .۳

۴۵۰.Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, 'Verily the truth, harbouring falsehood in its midst, cried out for assistance from me. I cleaved it open from the side and disclosed the truth from its veils until it became manifest and widespread after having being concealed and hidden.' ۴


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Imam Reza

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                                                                            Miraculous Healing
                                                                            Astan Quds Razavi
                                                                            Golden Dissertation
                                                                            Historical Events
                                                                            Heir Apparency
                                                                            Bomboy to
                                                                            Naqqar Khanah
                                                                            Silsilat Al-Dhahab
                                                                            Photo Gallery
                                                                            Holy Shrine

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Yazid Is Still Alive

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imam hussein (a.s)

Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) did not give allegiance to Yazid.

This is the generic message that most of us have been taught as kids, whether at Sunday school, at our own homes, or even at those Muharram classes for kids during the first 10 nights. Then we go on to learn, "Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala."

Really? How can that be? But Imam Hussein is not being martyred every day. Lady Zeinab and Lady Sakina (peace be upon them) are not being beaten and deprived of their Hijabs every day. Yazid is not usurping the rights of Islam every day. Or is he?

When it comes to Islam, be it historical events or the thought-provoking laws of jurisprudence, there is more to understand and learn than what the eye sees or what the ear hears.

When Imam Hussein called out Hal min nasirin yansurna ("Is there anyone to help us?") he was quite aware that his family members were no more. As we all should know by now, this call was being made to us.

And we all should also know by now, Islam is a religion for all times and all ages, until the end of time. So what is the wisdom behind our dear Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) saying, "Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala"?

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Shia Muslims commemorate Ashura

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iranian shia muslims are holding mourning rituals in commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of the third shia imam, imam hussein (pbuh).

Millions of Shia Muslims in Iran and across the globe are holding mourning rituals in commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of the third Shia Imam, Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Millions of black-clad mourners in Iran and many Muslim countries are holding mourning ceremonies to pay homage to Imam Hussein (PBUH), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and to a number of his loyal companions who were brutally killed while fighting for justice in Karbala, Iraq, around 1,300 years ago.

Muslims in Iran have also been commemorating the occasion during the days leading up to Ashura, the tenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar year, Muharram.

Many devout Muslims across the world are also holding ceremonies to mourn the event which is one of the most important occasions on the Shia calendar.

Ashura, which falls on December 6 this year, marks the day when the forces of the second Umayyad caliph Yazid martyred Imam Hussein (PBUH) and 72 of his companions in Karbala.

Ashura ceremonies symbolize the eternal and unwavering stance of truth against falsehood and the humanity’s struggle against tyranny.

Iranian mourners usually congregate at mosques for lamenting, poetic recitations of the tragic event or Ta’zieh, performed in the memory of the Imam Hussein (PBUH)’s martyrdom.


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Lessons of Ashura

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الإمامُ الباقرُ علیه السلام : إنَّ عَلیَّ بنَ الحُسَینِ علیهما السلام قاسَمَ اللَّهَ عزّ وجلّ مالَهُ مَرَّتَینِ .۵

۴۴۳.Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, 'Verily Ali b. al-Husayn has shared his wealth twice with Allah.' ۶

۴۴۴.الإمامُ الصّادقُ علیه السلام : كانَ أبی یَقولُ : كانَ عَلیُّ بنُ الحُسَینِ علیهما السلام إذا قامَ فی الصَّلاةِ كَأنَّهُ ساقُ شَجَرةٍ لا یَتَحرَّكُ مِنهُ شَی‏ءٌ إلاّ ما حَرَّكَهُ الرّیحُ مِنهُ .۷

۴۴۴.Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, 'My father used to say, Ali b. al-Husayn, when he stood up to pray, was like a tree trunk, with no part of him moving except whatever the wind caused to move.' ۸

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الإمامُ الباقرُ علیه السلام : إنّ الحسینَ بنَ علیٍّ علیهما السلام لمّا حَضَرهُ الّذی حَضَرهُ ، دَعا ابنَتَهُ الكبرى‏ فاطمةَ بنتَ‏الحسینِ علیهما السلام ، فدفَعَ إلَیها كِتاباً مَلْفوفاً ، ووَصِیَّةً ظاهِرةً. وكانَ علیُّ بنُ الحسینِ علیهما السلام مَبْطوناً مَعهُم لا یَرَونَ إلّا أنّه لِما بهِ ، فَدفَعَتْ فاطمةُالكِتابَ إلى‏ علیِّ بنِ الحسینِ علیهما السلام ثُمّ صارَ واللَّهِ ذلكَ الكتابُ إلَینا ... فیهِ واللَّهِ ما یَحتاجُ إلَیهِ وُلْدُ آدمَ مُنذُ خلَقَ اللَّهُ آدمَ إلى‏ أن تَفْنَى الدُّنیا .1

440.Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, 'Verily when al-Husayn b. Ali's time of death came near, he called for his eldest daughter Fatima bint al-Husayn, and handed over to her a wrapped note. Ali b. al-Husayn was with them, but had a severe stomach ache, the reason for which was unknown. Fatima gave the note to Ali b. al- Husayn. Now, by Allah, that note has reached us... By Allah, it contains all that mankind would ever need from the time that Allah created Adam until the end of the world.'2


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Martyr Baghir Al Nimr

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