Shaykh Bahjat on Imam Mahdi (ATFS)

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Teachings of the Quran regarding sins of the tongue

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Faith calls upon us to bring out the best in ourselves and in others. Treating other people with integrity and respect is a sign of a believer.
It is not permissible for a Muslim to spread rumors, gossip, or engage in backbiting one another.

Teachings of the Quran
Islam teaches the believers to validate their sources, and not engage in conjecture. Repeatedly in the Quran, Muslims are warned about the sins of the tongue.
“Do not concern yourself with things about which you have no knowledge. Verily, your hearing, sight, and heart -- all of them will be called to account"[1].

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Why should Muslim women wear Hijab

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Why should Muslim women wear Hijab?

One of the many questions that have been asked is why does Islam make hijab mandatory for women? Islam has introduced hijab as part of the decency and modesty in interaction between members of the opposite sex. Verse 59 of chapter 33 of the holy Quran gives a very good reason; it says...

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Author: Shaykh Mohammed al-Husayn al-Muzaffar
Translator : Jasim al-Rasheed
Publisher: Ansariyan Publications � Qum

First Edition: 1998 - 1418

فرمت apk برای موبایل و تبلت اندروید (جدید)                                                              فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب                      


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A Shi'ite Anthology

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A Shi'ite Anthology
Title: A shi'ite anthology ‫
Author(s): Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai ‫
Translator(s): William C. Chittick
Publisher(s): ‫ Qum ‫ : Ansariyan Publications ‫ , 1989 ‫ = 1368.
Appearance: 152 p

فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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For A Better Future(200 questions and answers regarding the concerns of the youth , marriage , and children )

This book Contains these titles:
Dedication؛ I begin here؛ Chapter One : What the youth need؛ Chapter Two : Husbands And Wives : sharing lives and seeking happiness؛ Chapter Three : Children are tomorrow�s adults؛ Supplication؛ The Author؛ ENDNOTE

فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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لإمامُ الجوادُ علیه السلام : إنّ الإمامَ بَعدی ابْنِی علیٌّ، أمرُهُ أمری ، وقَولُهُ قَولی ، وطاعَتُهُ طاعَتی ، والإمامةُ بعدَهُ فی ابنِهِ الحسنِ .1

476.Imam al-Jawad (AS) said, 'Certainly the Imam after me is my son Ali. His command is my command, his word is my word, obedience to him is obedience to me and the Imama after him will rest with his son al-Hasan.' 2

.بحار الأنوار : ذكر الحسن بن محمد جمهور العَمِّی فى كتاب الواحدة قال : حدَّثَنی أخی الحسینُ بنُ محمّدٍ قالَ : كان لی صَدِیقٌ مُؤدِّبٌ لِوُلدِ بَغا أو وَصِیفٍ - الشَّكُّ مِنّی - فقالَ لی : قالَ لی الأمیرُ - مُنْصَرَفَهُ مِن دارِ الخلیفةِ - : حَبَسَ أمیرُ المؤمنینَ هذا الّذی یَقولونَ ابنُ الرِّضا الیومَ ، ودفَعَهُ إلى‏ علیِّ بنِ كَرْكَرٍ، فسَمِعتُهُ یقولُ : أنا أكْرَمُ عَلى اللَّهِ مِن ناقةِ صالحٍ (تَمَتَّعوا فی دارِكُمْ ثَلاثةَ أیّامٍ ذلِكَ وَعدٌ غیرُ مَكذوبٍ)۱، ولیسَ یُفصِحُ بالآیةِ ولا بالكلامِ، أیُّ شی‏ءٍ هذا؟ قالَ: قلتُ: أعَزّكَ اللَّهُ تَوَعّدَ ، انظُرْ ما یكونُ بعدَ ثلاثةِ أیّامٍ.
فلمّا كانَ مِن الغَدِ أطْلَقَهُ واعْتَذرَ إلَیهِ ، فلَمّا كانَ فی الیومِ الثّالثِ وَثَبَ علَیهِ یاغزُ ویَغْلونُ وتامِشُ وجَماعةٌ مَعهُم ، فقَتَلوهُ وأقْعَدوا المُنْتَصِرَ ولَدَهُ خلیفةً .۲

۴۷۷. It is narrated in the book al-Wahida: My brother Husayn b. Muhammad narrated, saying, 'I had a friend who used to teach the child of Bagha or Wasif. ۳ He said to me, 'The governor, on his return from the Caliph's palace said to me, 'Today the commander of the faithful has imprisoned this person known as Ibn al-Rida [i.e. the son of al-Rida] and has handed him over to Ali b. Karkar, and I heard him say, 'I am dearer to Allah than the she-camel of Salih ۴ , so "Enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days that is a promise not untrue!" What he meant by that verse or by his speech is not clear. [He said]: I said, 'May Allah increase your honour, he has made a threat, now see what would happen after three days. 
The next day the caliph freed Ibn al-Rida and apologised. On the third day Yaghiz, Yaghlun, Tamish and a group of people with them assaulted him and killed him, and instated al-Muntasir his son as the Caliph.' ۵


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۴۴۸.كفایة الأثر عن مالك بن أعین الجهنی ، قال : أوصى عَلِیُّ بنُ الحُسَینِ علیه السلام إبنَهُ مُحَمَّد بنَ عَلِیّ - صلوات اللَّه علیهما - فَقالَ : یا بُنَیَّ إنِّی جَعَلتُكَ خَلیفَتِی مِن بَعدِی ، لا یَدّعی فیما بَینی وَ بَینكَ أحَدٌ إلّا قَلَّدَهُ اللَّه یَومَ القِیامَةِ طَوقاً مِن نارٍ .۱

۴۴۸. It is narrated in Kifayat al-Athar: 'Ali b. al-Husayn said in his will to his son Muhammad b. Ali: 'My son! I have chosen you as my successor after me. No one would claim what lies between you and me, and if so Allah would suspend a yoke of fire on his neck on the Day of Resurrection.' ۲

۴۴۹.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله - لِجابِرِ بنِ عبدِ اللَّهِ الأنصاریّ - : إنَّكَ سَتَدرُكُ رَجُلاً مِنِّی اسمُهُ اسمی وَ شَمائِلُهُ شَمائِلی یَبقَرُ العِلمَ بَقرَاً .۱

۴۴۹. The Prophet (SAWA) said to Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari, 'Soon you will be seeing a man from my household, his name will be my name , his feature will resemble mine, and he will cleave the knowledge deeply.' ۲

۴۵۰.الإمامُ الباقرُ علیه السلام: إنَّ الحَقَّ استَصرَخَنی وَقَد حَواهُ الباطِلِ فی جَوفِهِ ، فَبَقَرتُ عَن خاصِرَتِهِ وَاطَّلَعتُ الحَقَّ عَن حُجُبِهِ حَتَّى ظَهَرَ وَانتَشَرَ ، بَعدَ ما خَفیَ وَاستَتَرَ .۳

۴۵۰.Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, 'Verily the truth, harbouring falsehood in its midst, cried out for assistance from me. I cleaved it open from the side and disclosed the truth from its veils until it became manifest and widespread after having being concealed and hidden.' ۴


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Future belongs to Islam - Farsi sub English

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The Beginning Of The Inevitable

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The atrocities of the Saudi regime has earned it much notoriety in the last hundred years. Since their rise to power in the early 1920’s, the ruling family has shown no hesitation in torturing and killing any citizen who has dared to question their legitimacy – or lack thereof – as rulers of Saudi Arabia, a country formerly known as (and will be referred to henceforth as) the Hejaz. The most recent example of this ruthless, criminal dynasty’s brutality was two days into 2016, when it beheaded 46 people charged with terrorism and having links with Al-Qaeda. Among the 46 people executed was prominent Muslim cleric and dissident, Shaykh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr. Since January 2nd, when his execution was announced, the Saudi autocracy’s reputation has deteriorated further, and there have been renewed calls around the world for its downfall.

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hazrat abbas (a.s)

Imam Sadiq (A.S), the immaculate Imam and great scholar and unique figure of knowledge in the world, always appreciated his uncle, Hazrat Abbas (A.S). He always remembered him by praising and admiring him. He was highly grateful to his heroic stances and sacrifices he made during the event of Ashura. In what follows, some of Imam Sadiq’s sayings about Hazrat Abbas also known as Ghamar-e-Bani Hashem are mentioned:

“My uncle, Abbas Ibn Ali (AS), had a strong faith and profound insight. He fought for the sake of God along with his brother, Imam Hussein (AS). He was able to successfully pass the test and was eventually martyred…”

Imam Sadiq (A.S) also names his uncle’s greatest characteristics which is an astonishing one as follows:

B. Strong Faith

One of the distinctive characteristics of Hazrat Abbas (A.S) was his strong and firm faith. One of the sings of his strong faith was his contribution to fight in the way of God alongside his brother, Imam Hussein (A.S).

 In fact, Imam Hussein was the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s dear grandson; Hazrat Abbas accompanied his brother in order to win the almighty Allah’s pleasure and satisfaction. In his boasting on the day of Ashura, he said he didn’t have any material reason for his self-sacrifice which clearly represents his strong faith.

C. Jihad Alongside Imam Hussein (A.S)

Another virtue by which Imam Sadiq (AS) describes his uncle, Abbas (A.S), the hero of Karbala, was Jihad under the commandership of Lord of martyrs, grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the head of youth in heaven. Fighting for the sake of God and his brother’s goal was the greatest virtue of Hazrat Abulfazl (A.S); he successfully passed the test and on the day of Ashura, he acted so heroically that was unique and incomparable in the arena of braveness and courage.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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hazrat rogahye

In the name of God of Hussein

I had decided to write few lines about these days (Ashura)… but the grief stopped me…

I wanted to write about Hussein and his greatness … but tears stopped me…

I wanted to write about Abbas and his exceptional bravery, but my hands, being ashamed of his mutilated hands, stopped me…

How could one depict all this gracefulness?

How could one write about all that beauty?

How could one witness all that patience and resistance and keep calm?

This greatness is unbelievable… This resistance and sacrifice… This strong faith…

Only the greatness of Ashura can depict such a beautiful scene in only half a day.

The secret of Hussein’s immortality is the goodness, patience, loyalty, and bravery in the desert of Karbala.

O, Zeinab!

What have you been through during these days?

How patient you were… What hardships you have endured … What sufferings have you borne…

Peace be upon your wounded body and your agonized heart…

How courageous you took care of what you had been trusted with!

How shining you were beneath those clouds of doubt and hesitation!

How brave you were in your eloquent remarks.

God bless you, you courageous woman of Karbala!

Greetings to you…

Say hello to the most purified people on my behalf…

Greetings to you, the little daughter of father! Greetings to the numerous injuries on your feet…

Greetings to you, Rogahye, for finding your father’s beheaded body in two pieces; head on the sword, and body in the desert…

Greetings to you, Hussein! You, embodiment of love and freedom!

Greetings to you, Hussein! And to the purified souls of those who stood by you!

Greetings to you, Ali-Akbar! And to your steadfast youth hood!

Greetings to you, Ali Asghar! And to your thirst!

Greetings to you, Abulfazl, and to your exceptional bravery… Greetings to your loyalty, you great man!

Greetings to you, Zeinab!

Greeting to you… Greetings…

By: Rahimeh Sadat Zargar

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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Imam Hussein(A.S), The King of the Martyrs

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Yazid Is Still Alive

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imam hussein (a.s)

Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) did not give allegiance to Yazid.

This is the generic message that most of us have been taught as kids, whether at Sunday school, at our own homes, or even at those Muharram classes for kids during the first 10 nights. Then we go on to learn, "Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala."

Really? How can that be? But Imam Hussein is not being martyred every day. Lady Zeinab and Lady Sakina (peace be upon them) are not being beaten and deprived of their Hijabs every day. Yazid is not usurping the rights of Islam every day. Or is he?

When it comes to Islam, be it historical events or the thought-provoking laws of jurisprudence, there is more to understand and learn than what the eye sees or what the ear hears.

When Imam Hussein called out Hal min nasirin yansurna ("Is there anyone to help us?") he was quite aware that his family members were no more. As we all should know by now, this call was being made to us.

And we all should also know by now, Islam is a religion for all times and all ages, until the end of time. So what is the wisdom behind our dear Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) saying, "Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala"?

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