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The Shia's Are The Real Ahl e SunnahDownload
Ask Those Who KnowDownload
Then I Was GuidedDownload
To Be With The TruthfulDownload

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Commentary of Suratul HujuratDownload
Intoduction To The Science Of Tafseer Of The QuranDownload
The MessageDownload
Youth & Spouse SelectionDownload

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Discourse On PatienceDownload
Islamic GovernmentDownload
The Ashura UprisingDownload


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Al Tawhid (A Journal Of Islamic)Download
Guiding The YouthDownload
Salat'ul JumahDownload
Socialistic TheologyDownload
Spirtual DiscoursesDownload
Anecdotes of Pious MenDownload
Goal Of LifeDownload
Hijab - The Islamic Modest DressDownload
Immigration And JihadDownload
Islam And Religious PluralismDownload
Jihad - Legitimacy In QuranDownload
Jurisprudence And It's PrinciapelsDownload
Light Within MeDownload
Man And UniverseDownload
Master & MastershipDownload
On The Islamic HijabDownload
Perfect ManDownload
Polarization Around the Character of Ali (A.S)Download
Sexual Ethics In IslamDownload
The Awaited SaviourDownload
The Truth Hussain's (A.S) RevoltDownload
The Unschooled Prophet (S.A.W.)Download
Wilayah The Station of the MasterDownload
Woman And Her RightsDownload

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If Christ were among us today

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Imam khamenei:

If Christ were among us today, he would not spare even a single moment to fight the leaders of despotism and global arrogance; nor would he tolerate hunger and wandering of millions of people, degenerated by the hegemonic and colonialist powers into war, corruption, and violence. Jesus Christ, who is the manifestation of divine attributes, raised the flag of guiding and saving humans at a time when ignorance, injustice, and inattention to human values were prevalent. He stood up to oppressing powers – which were dependent on their wealth and power – and he promoted justice, mercy, and monotheism. Today those who believe in that great prophet – Muslims and Christians – should follow the teachings and the path of divine prophets and try to promote human virtues on the basis of the teachings of these prophets.

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Imam khamenei:

Jesus Christ was equipped with the power of performing miracles and carried a divine message for humanity which saved them from the darkness of polytheism, atheism, ignorance, and oppression and guided them towards justice, knowledge, and worshiping God. He never hesitated to fight evil and call people to piety throughout his life. And this is the lesson which all Christians and Muslims who believe in the prophethood of Jesus Christ should learn. Today humanity is in need of these teachings more than ever before. And Islam which is a complement to real Christianity has put calling humanity to piety and moral perfection high on its priority list. Making use of the great powers of nature through their God-given knowledge, misguided humans tend to tread a different path, and this makes the duty of the followers of divine faiths even heavier. The domineering powers and governments of the world have made life difficult for nations and individuals and do not refrain from inflicting any type of oppression on them. They do these things in the name of Christianity. These powers are in fact totally unaware of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Imam khamenei:

Jesus Christ called on people to follow the path of God which is the path of prosperity for human beings. And he warned people against pursuing carnal desires and undermining their spiritual purity through engaging in evil deeds and oppressing others. The corrupt and bullying powers that are dependent on wealth and power persecuted that divine prophet and leveled insults against him. They even tried to take his life. And when God saved the life of Jesus Christ, these powers inflicted several years of horrible torture on the disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. They were trying to put an end to the teachings of Jesus Christ which were against corruption, oppression, polytheism, causing war, deceiving people, and pursuing carnal desires. Those corrupt and oppressive powers who pursued carnal desires, caused wars against people, and deceived them could not tolerate the existence of divine faiths and prophets and those who followed the path of God. Today, too, those kinds of powers would not tolerate the servants of God and the followers of the divine religions or truth seekers. Following Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) requires supporting the truth and abhorring the powers against the truth; hopefully Christians and Muslims anywhere in the world, will keep alive in their life and deeds this great lesson taught by Jesus Christ.

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Imam khamenei:

Undoubtedly, Muslims’ respect for Jesus Christ is no less than that of faithful Christians for him. This great divine prophet always made efforts during his lifetime to fight oppression, transgression, corruption, and those who tried to dominate nations by relying on their wealth and power and caused them to suffer both in this world and the hereafter. The sufferings which this great prophet endured since his childhood – God appointed him to his prophetic mission during his childhood – were all aimed at achieving these goals…..Today many of those who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ are treading a path other than the one set by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ led humans to worshiping God and opposing pharaohs and transgression. Today there are people who claim to be the followers of that great prophet but have taken the place of the pharaohs and Taghuts whom Jesus Christ used to oppose during his time.

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Imam Khamenei:

We have learned from Islam that we should behave in a fair way toward the followers of other religions. This is Islam's command to us. Today, what is witnessed in the world is that powers and those governments which claim to support justice do not at all behave in a fair way except in the inner circle of their narrow, limited and oppressive polices. Today, you can see that in Europe and America, they use massive propaganda against Muslims. The issue is not why Muslims do not have any freedom in many of these countries. Rather, the issue is why they do not have any security. The movie "American Sniper", which has produced some reactions and which has been made by Hollywood, encourages a Christian or non-Muslim to harass Muslims as much as he can. In fact, according to what others have said - we have not seen this movie - it encourages such courses of action. This is not at all accepted by Islam. Islam believes in justice. On the issue of that attack [on the city of al-Anbar] the Commander of the Faithful (peace and greetings be upon him) said, "I have come to know that every one of them entered upon Muslim women and non-Muslim women" [Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 27]. In this sermon, he says that some people have entered the houses of Muslim and Muahida women - muahid means Jewish and Christian individuals who have formed an alliance with Muslims and who live under the protection of Islam - to take away their ornaments and harass them. Then, Hazrat says, "If any Muslim dies of grief after all this, he is not to be blamed". If a Muslim dies of grief at the harassment of non-Muslim women by the army of the enemies and looters - they entered their houses and took away their ornaments - he is not to be blamed.This is the viewpoint of Islam.

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   Author: مکبر 3    Issue:Imam Ali ،

۳۷۴.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله - لِعلیٍّ علیه السلام - : أنتَ مِنّی بمنزلةِ هارونَ مِن موسى‏ إلّا أنّه لا نَبیَّ بَعدی .۱

۳۷۴. The Prophet (SAWA) said to Ali (AS), 'Your position with respect to me is as that of Aaron ۲ to Moses, except that there is no prophet after me.' ۳

۳۷۵.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله - عندما ذُكِرَتِ الإمارةُ أو الخلافةُ عندَهُ - : إنْ وَلَّیتُموها علیّاً وجَدْتُموهُ هادِیاً مَهْدِیّاً ، یَسلُكُ بكُمْ علَى الطّریقِ المستقیمِ .۴

۳۷۵. The Prophet (SAWA), when the issue of the rulership and the successorship [after him] was mentioned, said, 'If you entrust the government to Ali, you will find him a rightly-guided guide, who will take you to the right path.' ۵

۳۷۶.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : مَن أرادَ أن یَنظُرَ إلى‏ آدمَ فی علمِهِ ، وإلى‏ نوحٍ فی فَهمِهِ ، وإلى‏ إبراهیمَ فی حِلمِهِ ، وإلى‏ یحیى‏ بنِ زكریّا فی زُهدِهِ ، وإلى‏ موسى‏ بنِ عِمرانَ فی بَطْشِهِ ، فَلیَنْظُرْ إلى‏ علیِّ بنِ أبِی طالبٍ .۶

۳۷۶.The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Whoever wishes to look at Adam for his knowledge, Noah ۷ for his understanding, Abraham for his clemency, John [the Baptist] ۸ son of Zacharias ۹ for his abstemiousness, and Moses son of Amran for his might, should look at Ali b. Abu Talib.' ۱۰


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۳۷۰.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : علیٌّ مِنّی وأنا مِنهُ .۵

۳۷۰.The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Ali is from me and I am from him.' ۶

۳۷۱.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : علیٌّ مِنّی بمنزلةِ رَأسی مِن بَدَنی .۷

۳۷۱.The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Ali is to me like my head is to my body.' ۸

۳۷۲.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : إنّ علِیّاً لَحْمُهُ مِن لَحْمی ودَمُهُ مِن دَمی .۹

۳۷۲. The Prophet said, 'Verily Ali's flesh is from my flesh and his blood is from my blood.' ۱۰

۳۷۳.تاریخ دمشق : إنّ النّبیَّ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله كان بعرَفَةَ وعلیٌّ تجاهَهُ ، فقالَ : یا علیُّ ، اُدْنُ مِنّی (و) ضَعْ خَمْسَكَ فی خَمْسِی . یا علیُّ ، خُلِقْتُ أنا وأنتَ مِن شَجَرةٍ أنا أصلُها وأنتَ فَرعُها ، والحَسَنُ والحُسَینُ أغصانُها ، مَن تَعَلّقَ بغُصْنٍ مِنها أدخَلَهُ اللَّهُ الجَنّةَ .۱۱

۳۷۳. Jabir narrated, 'The Prophet (SAWA) was once in Arafa and Ali (A.S) was facing him. He then said to him, 'Ali, come closer to me and place your five [fingers of your hand] on my five. O Ali, you and I have been created from one tree. I am its root and you are its trunk. Hasan and Husayn are its branches. Whoever clings onto any of its branches, Allah will make him enter Paradise.' ۱۲


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Ali is the Gate to the Prophet's Knowledge

   Author: مکبر 3    Issue:Imam Ali ،

۳۶۵.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : أنا مدینةُ العلمِ وعلیٌّ بابُها ، فمَن أرادَ العلمَ فلْیَأتِ البابَ .۱

۳۶۵. The Prophet said, 'I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate, whosoever wants the knowledge should approach it through its gate.' ۲

۳۶۶.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : أنا دارُ الحِكمةِ وعلیٌّ بابُها .۳

۳۶۶.The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'I am the house of wisdom and Ali is its door.' ۴

۳۶۷.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : أقضى‏ اُمّتی وأعلمُ اُمّتی بَعدی علیٌّ .۵

۳۶۷.The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'The most superior in judgment from my community and the most learned of my community after me is Ali.' ۶


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Ali is with the Truth and the Qur'an

   Author: مکبر 3    Issue:Imam Ali ،

۳۶۱.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : علیٌّ مَع الحقِّ والحقُّ مَع علیٍّ ، یَدورُ حَیثُما دارَ۱ .۲

۳۶۱.The Prophet (SAWA) said, Ali is with the truth and the truth is with Ali - it turns wherever he turns [ they are inseparable].' ۳

۳۶۲.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : الحقُّ مع علیٍّ أیْنَما مالَ .۴

۳۶۲.The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'The truth is with Ali wherever he inclines.' ۵

۳۶۳.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : علیٌّ معَ الحقِّ والحقُّ معَ علیٍّ ، ولن یَتَفَرّقا حتّى‏ یَرِدا علَیَّ الحوضَ یومَ القیامةِ .۶

۳۶۳.The Prophet (SAWA) said, Ali is with the Qur'an and the Qur'an is with Ali. They will never separate until they come to me at the Heavenly Waters.' ۷

۳۶۴.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله : علیٌّ مَع الحقِّ والقرآنِ ، والحقُّ والقرآنُ معَ علیٍّ ، ولن یَتَفَرَّقا حتّى‏ یَرِدا علَیّ الحوضَ .۸

۳۶۴.The Prophet (SAWA) said, Ali is with the truth and the Qur'an, and the truth and the Qur'an are with Ali, and they will not separate until they come to me at the Heavenly Waters.' ۹


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Whenever I go to the houses of Armenian and Assyrian martyrs - this year too, I fortunately managed to visit the houses of a number of Armenian martyrs - I see that they are committed to their country. They have really behaved in a committed way. I remember that during the time of war, a number of Armenian Christians went to Ahwaz. I saw that a number of people were sitting inside the airport. I asked, "Who are these people?" they said, "They are Armenians and they are going to the front lines for industrial affairs. They have come to render services". The Armenians are skilled at industrial and technical affairs. The late Chamran employed them. They made efforts, they rendered services and some of them were martyred. One of the members of an Armenian family whom I visited last week had a son in the army. He said, "When his military service was over, he was unhappy because the war was continuing. He said, 'My military service is over. What should I do now?' Later on, it was announced that those who have done their military service for a few months should join the army again. He became happy at this call-up and he joined the front lines. Later on, he was martyred and his body was brought to us". We can witness such nationalistic feelings among our non-Muslim compatriots. Well, they made efforts and we hope that the Islamic government can carry out its responsibility in this regard. They really behaved in a committed - in the real sense of the word - way toward the country.

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Even on the night before the surgery on the hospital bed and the serum and drugs were being injected and despite general weakness, the Imam did not neglect to recite the Qur'an and perform prayers. He was not ready to spend a single moment of his life however short and fleeting, in idleness.[1]

[1]Making full use of time even when hospitalized, Hujjat al-Islam Rasuli Mahallati


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